Mist World is a MMORPG--massively multiplayer online role playing game. 
This is a game developed completely by ourselves.
In the game, players can choose to play a soldier, an orc, an assassin, a hunter, a mage, an elf, a priest, or a sorcerer, to fight against beasts and demons in the game to protect the precarious human world. 
Players can also form teams to fight horrible monsters, explore, experience various strange environments, and enjoy the fun of teamwork.
Players can also use the arena in the game to exchange fighting skills, or to compete between teams.
In addition to fighting, there are various interesting ways to play life in the game: mining, picking herbs, fishing, holding weddings, participating in the construction of gangs, learning from teachers and taking in apprentices, etc., so that players can have a richer experience.

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Google drive download Mist World (Portable)
Last updated on 2024/07/18

Google drive download Mist world (setup)
Last updated on 2024/07/18

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