1. World Background

Before the Universe was born, Chaos enveloped the Void.
Chaos is the source of energy, the root of void stability, flowing in every corner, emitting light and heat.
As the void expands, the chaos spreads farther, and the energy begins to decay. Where the chaos has not yet arrived, the void becomes an undefended nothingness, and alien energy penetrates and invades, occupying a large area.
The energy from the other world triggers the counterattack of chaos, and the two kinds of energy, yin and yang, meet and produce a big bang, and the universe is born from then on.
After the explosion, the clean air rises to the sky, and the turbid air descends to the earth. The dust whose mass is between the clean air and the turbid air mixes with the residual energy after the explosion, forming an eternal mist floating between the sky and the earth.
The mist with creation energy ignited the spark of life.

2. Mist energy

The product of the combination of chaotic energy, alien energy and dust matter.
Chaotic energy can control light and time, alien energy can control space, and dusty matter makes mist energy have the ability to control the four basic material elements of earth, water, fire and wind.
Among them, light represents creation and is the power of healing.
Time and space are the forces of rule.
Earth, water, fire, and wind represent nature, the forces of destruction and defense.
Anything that involves the use of mist energy cannot go beyond the scope of the seven kinds of power.

3. Species Background

  1. Myst gods
    A large amount of mist naturally gathers in the space, and gradually regains self-awareness and wakes up. This is the mist god. Mist gods have more powerful abilities than other life forms, but lacks the desire to compete. They are invisible but sentient beings, whose perception can extend to all places where there is mist, and can also appear incarnate. They are a vast ocean of life, every drop can trigger other life forms, and where they pass, many tangible lives are formed. Myst gods can detect the thoughts and feelings of their own transformed lives and their offspring, so most of them are willing to protect these lives as part of their own bodies. This kind of mist gods are also guardians of the order of life.
  2. Beasts
    Beasts are the most common form of life, with a strong desire to survive and devour blood. Beasts are formed after the reproduction of life created by the myst gods. After thousands of years of survival of the fittest, today's beasts have a digestive system that can decompose and absorb the energy of the mist from the diet, have a super strong body, and a ferocious appearance that is conducive to fighting.
  3. Demons
    Evolved from beasts, they have the ability to actively absorb and use mist energy. Compared with beasts that can only decompose mist energy from food to strengthen their physique, the attack methods of demons are fundamentally different, relying on the release of energy instead of fangs and claws. The attack power of low-level demons are not much different from that of beasts, but super demons have the power close to that of gods. Wherever there is mist, demons can display their powerful abilities.
  4. Souls
    The souls are pure energy life form composed of the remaining mist energy after the death of other creatures. They will inherit part of the memory and characteristics of the lives before death, but they are independent individuals different from the lives before death. The generation of souls is mostly accidental, and under normal circumstances only a few deaths will generate souls. In order not to dissipate, some souls that have lost their spirituality will live in special crystal stones, waiting for the spiritual life to call them to wake up.
  5. Fusion Beasts
    Breeding from beasts, it is a life form that can parasitize humans. As beasts, they were defeated in the competition for survival with other beasts, but in the process of survival, they learned to combine with weak humans, and through parasitism, they strengthened the physique of humans so that they could survive. When a fusion beast is dormant, it lurks in the human body, and when awakened, it will overflow the human body, making the human body show the characteristics of the fusion beast, and also giving humans the ability of the fusion beast.
  6. Human
    A symbol of wisdom, good at learning and creating. Human beings are the life forms transformed by those gods with special spiritual sense, and there are also human beings who have integrated the blood of beasts in their reproduction. Human beings as a whole have always been weak, and have been at a disadvantage for a long time in the survival competition with ferocious beasts and demons, so they can only hide and struggle for survival. It was not until human beings began to understand the skills of communicating with the mist gods and seeking their protection that they continued and developed.

4. Outline of Mist gods

After tens of millions of years of evolution, the mist will generate a Mist God. The Mist God has powerful abilities. He can move mountains and seas, call wind and rain, and can also turn the earth into a furnace and fill the sky with ice. But Mist God lacks a real body and senses, so their favorite thing to do is to create creatures and help them evolve, and then perceive the world through the creatures they create.
However, unlike other creatures that experience the battle for survival in the natural world, the mist gods do not have a strong desire to survive. Once they lose interest in something and cannot find a new interest, they may give up their self-awareness. Returning to the unconscious mist energy, so the number of mist gods is very small.
Mist gods do not use language, and their way of thinking is completely different from that of humans. Humans can rarely detect their existence. However, there are a large number of stories related to the mist gods in human legends, among which the most famous ones are Vanga and Dhaka. Vanga is the mist god who first created human beings in legends, and Dhaka brought fire to human beings from the sky.
However, the people living in the middle of the world now have two mist gods that they have come into contact with in real life. One is the mist god Matthew who created grain plants, and the other is the mist god Sissen who has a certain relationship with Vanga. These two mist gods have become the patron saints of human settlements in the central region, and they will always prevent wild beasts and demons from intruding on human settlements.
For living humans, contact with these two patron saints is already history. Archmage Robert came into contact with Matthew two thousand years ago and obtained its protection for his people. Another Archmage Kessel obtained the protection of Sissen eight hundred years ago. During these two thousand years, together with Robert and Kessel, only four people had contact with these two mist gods, and the last time was five hundred years ago.
No one knows when this protection will end, because people never know how long the mist gods can live, nor when their interest in protecting human beings will die. But at the same time, receiving the protection of the two mist gods did give the humans living in the central part a chance to develop, and safely reclaimed a large area for living.
It's just that outside of human's thoughts and feelings, in the turbulent mist, a war between the mist gods and the mist gods is quietly approaching.

5. Summary of Beasts

Beasts are the species with the largest number and variety in the mist world, and they have various abilities, but their minds are not enlightened. The excessive reproduction of beasts makes them often encroach on human territory and conflict with humans. However, there are also beasts that can coexist peacefully with humans. After mixing together, they reproduce the orc race, and the human race that looks exactly like ordinary people but has hidden orc blood.
Among the humans in the central region, there is a group of people who contain the blood of a certain kind of orc, and they are collectively called orcs. The orcs don't have their own words, so they can't say exactly the origin of their group. Most people speculate that there may be a kind of terrible lion-headed bear-bodied beast flowing in their bodies --- the blood of Kolas beast. But many orcs firmly deny this statement, because Kolas beasts like to kill each other, but orcs are a united race.
The intelligence of orcs is slightly lower than that of ordinary people, but they have stronger bodies and more amazing strength. They are generally engaged in heavy physical work such as blacksmithing and transporting in residential areas.
Because it contains the blood of the orcs, the tempers of the orcs are relatively hot. If anyone accidentally provokes them, there is a high possibility of bloodshed and fighting, bringing chaos to the residential area.
But orcs like to go straight to the point of doing things, not beating around the bush, which is highly appreciated by people. Therefore, when people are looking for work partners and hiring labor, orcs are a good choice. When fighting abroad, the orcs are the most trustworthy companions.
It's just that people don't know that although orcs get along well with humans, and the influence of beast blood on behavior is becoming less and less, they want to find out who their beast ancestors are. Because there is a legend among the orcs, as long as they return to the burial place of the ancestors of the beasts, they will gain the power sealed by their ancestors.

6. Overview of demons

Three thousand years ago, Satan, a highly intelligent ruler, appeared among the super demons. He led thousands of demons to brazenly attack a mist god, intending to seize its energy. Mist god was defeated, but managed to escape, and then combined with the other four mist gods to activate the power of time, trapping thousands of monsters to death in the frozen time. Satan tried his best to open the space enchantment, sent His followers into the enchanted space, and died with all his strength.
The demons who fled to the barrier space set up many obstacles in the barrier to prevent the invasion of the mist gods. At this time, the five mist gods who killed Satan launched a hunt for other demons outside the barrier space, forcing more advanced and super demons with space transfer capabilities to flee to the barrier space in the next thousand years. "Demon world" gradually formed.
Since then, the number of high-level and super demons outside the Demon world has decreased sharply and almost disappeared. Without these terrible natural enemies, human beings can develop.
However, even if it is only a few low-level demons, with their smarter beast brain and more terrifying power than beasts, they still poses a threat far higher than that of beasts to humans living in the middle of the world today.
Especially some middle-level demons often organize groups of beasts and low-level demons to attack humans on purpose. Although they dare not enter the human settlements protected by the mist gods, people are hunting, mining, finding and building suitable for reproduction. Work such as new settlements in the country needs to be carried out in the wild, and the organized actions of demons often break through the protection of the human army for the wild crowd, killing a large number of civilians, making it difficult for humans to carry out outdoor activities.
For this reason, the warriors among humans must shoulder the responsibility of hunting and killing middle-level demons, and fight for the survival of mankind.
It's just that beyond human cognition, the demon world is constantly expanding to the normal world, and the demons in the demon world are also ready to move.

7. Soul summary

The soul (spirit) includes mistwraith, ghost, goblin, fairy, etc. It is the consciousness body produced by the energy gathered after the death of the creature, and it is generally generated according to the death situation of the creature. different kinds.
The mist souls are formed by decomposing after the death of the mist gods, and one mist god may decompose into many mist souls. mist souls are not aggressive, and are easily dissipated, but it is easier to build a bridge to communicate with the mist god through them.
The undead are the avengers with a certain amount of resentment, which are generated after the death of a creature with hatred and injustice. Their death aura is heavy and tends to weaken the fighting spirit of the targets they attack.
Ghosts will be spawned after the death of some ferocious beasts. They are aimless destroyers without much intelligence and organization, and like to wander around and attack.
Elves are mostly born after the death of plants or mild-tempered creatures. They have certain intelligence, like to live in groups, and are relatively friendly to humans.
There is a kind of soul that is easy to dissipate due to lack of independent spirituality, so it lives in a special crystal stone for a long time to maintain consciousness. Smart human beings have gradually learned some methods of summoning and controlling this kind of soul through continuous exploration and experimentation, making it a good helper in human activities. In particular, wizards among humans are experts in how to generate and control souls.
There are also some souls (mainly elves) who can live in peace with humans and gradually actively integrate into human society. Among them, the fire elves have the largest number of "people". They are light and good at hiding their bodies, and they are also natural controllers of fire elements. In human society, they often take on the duty of guarding enchantments with mages.
The fire elves originally lived in the underground cave in the northeast of the middle of the world. Later, a group of undead occupied the cave and drove them out. So the fire elves migrated to the living area of human beings and accepted the protection of human beings, hoping to regain their homeland one day.

8. Fusion Beast Overview

Fusion beasts live on their hosts and are a variant of a mount or armor. They have no explicit background, but still very important.
The escaped form of the fusion beast is called the fusion beast crystal. Beast crystals can be integrated into the body and unfolded when needed, giving people the ability to fit into a beast.

9. Human Outline

Human beings are short-lived and weak in constitution, but they are creative and full of wisdom. The early human beings were scattered all over the world, relying on flexibility to live a nomadic life in a world where beasts and demons are rampant.
Occasionally, a group of human beings could settle down with the protection of the mist Gods, and after that, they would open up wasteland and cultivate land for at least a hundred years, and as many as thousands of years, so that the population would grow rapidly. After losing the protection of the mist Gods, they dispersed into small tribes and returned to the state of nomads.
The war between mist gods and demons 3,000 years ago caused a sharp decrease in high-level demons. In addition, within 2,000 years, they received the protection of two mist gods, which gave the human beings in the middle world an excellent opportunity for development. Now they not only have several wealthy settlements, but even established a magnificent city kingdom. Hopefully, even without the protection of the mist Gods, relying on the city alone, people can resist the invasion of middle-level demons to a large extent and ensure the safety of the people in the city.
There are not only pure human beings in the central population, but also many other races, including people with orc blood (representing the race of orcs), soul-like elves (representing the race of the fire elves), etc. a prosperous and diverse society.

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