We provide an installed version and a portable version of Mist World, and you can download different versions according to your needs.
Except for the different installation methods, there is no difference between the installation version and the portable version.

Google drive download Mist World (Portable)
Last updated on 2024/03/30

Google drive download Mist world (setup)
Last updated on 2024/03/30

Download the language pack

Thanks to enthusiastic players from all over the world who translate Mist World into different languages, more people can experience Mist World.

Here you can download the different language packs, we will indicate the provider of the language pack and when it was last updated.

English language pack templateLast updated December 12, 2023

Public English translation(High-quality English translations provided by Ozy Howe)Last updated 2024/05/16

portuguese(Courtesy of Rowan, DarkLoneWolf and Lorcan)Last updated 2024/05/05

russian(Courtesy of nikolaj)Last updated July 10, 2023

Spanish(Courtesy of Ayoub, Gravzar, Jack)Last updated 2024/05/23

turkish(Courtesy of Yeldece, Odin and Darkhunter)Last updated December 12, 2023

Vietnamese(Courtesy of Lê Trọng Tấn)Last updated October 21, 2023

To add a new language:

  1. Create a new folder corresponding to the language in the language folder.
  2. Copy all contents in the English folder to the new folder.
  3. Translate the text in the new folder. Each item of text in the text has two rows, and the content of the second row should be modified when translating.
  4. Select the language on the main interface of the game.


Match integers and decimals: {d}

Match string: {s}

Use wildcards in the first row of text, and use $ plus serial numbers in the second row of text to correspond, such as $1, $2, $3...

Substring tags:

Substring tags can be used in the second row of text to further match the text

Matches text in the root of the language folder: {sub1{text}sub1}

Match text in the more folder: {sub2{text}sub2}

Download TTS

Mist world supports Vocalizer Expressive 1, Eloquence, Sapi5, and NVDA.
But only with Vocalizer Expressive 1 and Eloquence can you experience features such as directional differentiation, interspersed sound effects, and more.
If you are used to Sapi5 voice and are using Windows 10 or Windows 11, you can download the following file to register the built-in OneCore voice as a Sapi5-usable voice.
Please note that please register OneCore as a Sapi5 voice using a file corresponding to the system language. If you need to use a voice in a language other than the default language of the system, you need to install the language pack before importing the registry file.

Download WinTenTTS

Download all language

English (United States)

English (Great Britain)

English (Australia)

English (Canada)"

English (Ireland)

English (India)

Catalan (Catalan)

Finnish (Finland)

French (France)

French (Canada)

French (Switzerland)

Czech (Czech Republic)

Greek (Greece)

Hebrew (Israel)

Hindi (India)

Croatian (Croatia)

Hungarian (Hungary)"

Indonesian (Indonesia)

Italian (Italy)

Japanese (Japan)

Korean (Korean)

Malay (Malaysia)

Norwegian (Bokmål)

Dutch (Netherlands)

German (Germany)

German (Austria)

German (Switzerland)

Dutch (Belgium)

Polish (Poland)

Portuguese (Portugal)

Portuguese (Brazil)

Romanian (Romania)

Russian (Russia)

Slovak (Slovakia)

Slovenian (Slovenia)


Tamil (India)

Thai (Thailand)

Turkish (Turkey)

Vietnamese (Vietnam)

Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong S.A.R.)

Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan)

Friendly Links and Acknowledgement

Spanish Community

Some of the music sources are as follows.
Thank you to these creators and websites for providing free and excellent musical works for all.

Infernal Andantes


Mega Pixel Music ARts